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Welcome to GG Podcasting; Gordon and Geoff's podcast network! Since August 2015, we have been producing talk radio about some of our favorite subjects. Use the links on the left to find the latest episodes of our shows.

On Random Reviews and other Ramblings, Netflix and chill with us as we randomly watch and review movies available on your streaming subscription. We're trudging through the bowels of Netflix and bringing some very obscure films to light even though they are probably best left in the dark.

On Donald's Dungeon, follow along with us as we roleplay as Donald Lando D Trump in a fantasy universe. Whether you love him or hate him, this inter-dimensional tale is sure to entertain.

On The Morning Dump, add a new "S" to your morning routine and listen to Gordon and Geoff as they stimulate your mind every weekday. Each episode fits a monthly theme and is less than ten minutes long so we'll be out of your ear before it's time to wipe.

Send us an email if you are interested in joining the network, want to sponsor a show, or have feedback of any kind.

New episodes of Random Reviews and Other Ramblings are available on iTunes! Streaming options available soon. Tweet @ggpodcasting if you need those options sooner.

If you've kept up with our podcasts through the month of November, you noticed how behind we got with the episodes. 3 episodes of Random Reviews and Other Ramblings went up in one day and we're still behind on The Morning Dump and waaay behind on Donald's Dungeon. Gordon and I have no intention of leaving you hanging and will backfill in episodes as quickly as possible. A lot has happened in our lives that has prevented our previously well-oiled machine from recording, editing, and uploading as consistently as we used to.

Episode 100 of our flagship show has been uploaded and with its arrival, we had a large spike in traffic. In fact, every episode does result in a few hundred unique visits and downloads and we're hoping to start monitizing some of that traffic. GG Podcasting is a labor of love but also costs money to keep online so if you like the shows and want to help out, please consider whitelisting our site to generate some pennies to pay for it. Our ads will include text and banners that I will keep as unintrusive as possible. There will never be any pop-ups, or hidden ad-layers to click through.

Alternatively, we have our Patreon link on the left where you can contribute directly. We understand our tiers are pretty weak but it's difficult to know where to take them without any feedback so throw in a dollar and let us know what you would like in return. Seriously, try us.

Episode 90 of Random Reviews is available today. I'm going on vacation so the big episode 100 is 10-12 weeks away. What should we do to make it special? Let us know on Twitter or, as we learned last week, if you don't Twitter, email us at either Geoff or Gordon AT ggpodcasting.com.

It has been two months since I have written here. Hopefully that hasn't stopped you from listening to content we have continued producing despite the lack of front page writings. Today seemed like a good day to update the home page to let you know that Gordon was a guest co-host on Geek Cinema Society doing what he does best: Reviewing movies. The Geek Cinema Society does not get screwed with randomly chosen Netflix movies. Instead, they are watching and discussing movies from a community voted on list of the most important movies to geek culture. Gordon did a great job on the show and if you're checking out our shows because you heard about us on GCS, welcome to our little podcast network. Please tell your friends about the shows, and use that blue twitter bird link guy to the left to leave us some comments.

"Where are my podcasts?" - A question no one has asked but I for some reason feel responsible for answering. Gordon and I have been travelling a lot over the past few weeks. Florida, NYC, Hawaii, and Philadelphia all within a month's time. We've got lives to live and unfortunately, for the first time since we began podcasting in August of 2015, we're late delivering this week's content. The Morning Dumps are up but they have never actually been put into iTunes or Google Play so Random Reviews and Other Ramblings will be featuring the entire first month of Dumps. It's a compilation of an entire month of content so you can listen to each daily episode in one go. Next week, and the week after we will have regularly scheduled episodes of randomly reviewed movies and then another compilation of Morning Dump episodes. Got a topic for us to talk about in June? Please send it our way.